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African Suite Part One Series (2008)

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Predeterminado African Suite Part One Series (2008)

VA - African Suite Part One Series (200

VA - African Suite Part One Series (200
VA - African Suite Part One Series (200
Label: Afro Suite Records | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 5 Albums | 890 MB
Genre: World, Ethnic & Groove

In traditional Africa, music is an integral part of life and is linked with the worldview of the society in which it is produced. It has social, ritual, and ceremonial functions as well as some purely recreational purposes. Traditional art forms, including music, are rooted in mythology, legends, and folklore, and are associated with gods, ancestors and heroes. Musical activities are ritualized and intended to link the visible world with the invisible. Dancing is often an important part of the ritual and spiritual aspect of music.
Percussion instruments are the most popular instrument in African societies. Rattles, friction sticks, bells, clappers, and cymbals are popular. Many groups also use the sansa and xylophones. Numerous types of drums are also used. Various wind instruments are made out of tusks, horns, conch shells, wood or gourds. Styles of vocal music vary from area to area. This is due partly to the different languages spoken in different areas. Most African languages are tonal languages which are reflected in the singing.
Traditional African music does not have a written tradition. This makes it difficult to notate the music using the Western staff. The pitches and subtle differences in intonation do not translate easily. The Western scale patterns that relate most closely to African music are tetratonic, pentatonic, hexatonic or heptatonic arrangements. Melodic patterns are affected by intonation patterns of the language.
The rhythmic aspect of African music unites the music of various groups and areas. Rhythm is made of patterns; similar patterns are found throughout all of Africa. Harmonization is typically created through singing in thirds, fourths and fifths, parallel to the main melody.
While drumming is very popular in Africa and is more important than melodic music in some societies, melodic music is important in others. The mbira is one of the most popular melodic instruments in Africa. Different cultures use the mbira in different ways. Also, the mbira exists in different forms in different cultures. Some mbira are used for entertainment and others for religious ceremonies. Often, the people who can own and play the mbira are restricted to chiefs or other important people, especially when it is being played for religious purposes.

African Suite Part One - Congo (200
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 11 Tracks | ~182Mb | Covers | 2008

01. Koffi Olomide - Loi
02. Zaiko Langa Langa - Zekira
03. Pepe Kalle - Guyguy Madimba
04. Madilu System - Blessure D'Amour
05. Wenge Musica - Hi Ho Ha
06. Carlyto - Mokolo Ya Missiya
07. Emeneya - Nzinzi
08. Defao - 2 Mi-Temps
09. Simar - Eau Benite
10. Papa Wemba - Maman
11. Reddy Amissi - C'est ca la Vie

African Suite Part One - Queens (200
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 14 Tracks | ~173Mb | Covers | 2008

01. Miryam Makeba - Pata Pata
02. Nayanka Bell - Iwassado
03. Amy Koita - Lamban
04. Kine Lam - Ndela Wade
05. Aicha Kone - Aminata
06. Oumou Sangare - Moussolou
07. Tshala Muana - Amina
08. Comba Gawlo - Fenko
09. Tshala Muana - Depenses
10. Mbilia Bell - Eswi Yo Wapi
11. Nahawa Doumbia - Djina Mousso
12. Aster Aweke - Wolela
13. Bebe Manga - Ali O
14. Grace Decca - Munyenge

African Suite Part One - Roots (200
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 16 Tracks | ~180Mb | Covers | 2008

01. Gouye Gui
02. Tabalissimo
03. Mi Vuelvo Guajiro
04. Rendez-Vous Chez Fatimata
05. Gnawoe
06. Filinwe
07. Coco Qui Est La...
08. Sax Parade
09. El Que Siempre Su maiz
10. Doni Doni
11. Gatax
12. Que Se Fuman
13. Makambo Mibale
14. Super Zahi
15. El Monte
16. Cafe

African Suite Part One - Mali (200
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 14 Tracks | ~179Mb | 2008

01. Kassikoun
02. Fode
03. Cono
04. Diaraby Nene
05. Mangoni
06. Nga Taffe
07. Secheresse
08. Magnoumako
09. Saada
10. Mali Issa Bero
11. Chabab Mali
12. Sete DJon Ye
13. Anka Willy
14. Mamaya

African Suite Part One - Senegal (200
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 14 Tracks | ~174Mb | 2008

1. Ismael Lo - Ceddo
02. Baaba Maal & Mansour Seck - Thiaroye
03. Omar Oene - Biitabane
04. Thione Seck - Ballago
05. Africando - Sabador
06. Lemzo Diamono - Yaruna
07. Thio Mbaye - Rimbax
08. Kine Lam - Dogo
09. Yousou N'Dour - Nit Kou Ngoul
10. Sanokho - Soum Soum
11. Fatou Guewel - Santa Ti Cheik Ibra Fal
12. Coumba Gawlo - Sey
13. Fallou Dieng - Biri Biri
14. Pape Falle - Tenguenth



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