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Predeterminado - Dreamweaver CS4 101 - Dreamweaver CS4 101 - Dreamweaver CS4 101
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Genre: Video Training

Product Page

This 7.5 hour comprehensive overview of Dreamweaver is produced by Dreamweaver Bible author Joseph Lowery!
If you need to design a web page with Dreamweaver, this is the perfect place for you to start. This detailed exploration of Dreamweaver will show you how to create web page layouts, use CSS to add style and functionality to your site, and work with graphics and images to create an engaging web presence that surfers want to visit again and again.

More than just an average 101 tutorial, this title dives deep into Dreamweaver's amazing features to teach you advanced web design skills like flowing text around images, working with online forms, and using automation to quickly find and update code on your web site.

This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch the entire title. Use the detailed menus and keyword search features to quickly find topics of interest. Download this tutorial today, and return to it any time you have a question about Dreamweaver.


Section 1: Introduction
01. Welcome

Section 2: The Interface
02. Welcome Screen
03. Using the Insert Panel
04. Categories in the Insert Panel
05. Custom Insert Panel Category
06. Property Inspector
07. Document Toolbar: Code, Split, and Design Views
08. Document Toolbar: Naming and Previewing Your Page
09. Document Toolbar: View Options and Validations
10. Tag Selector and Document Zoom
11. Document Window Size
12. Panels and Panel Groups
13. Setting Up Your Workspace
14. Saving Workspace Layouts
15. Using Rulers and Guides
16. Setting Preferences
17. Defining Browsers

Section 3: Site Control
18. About Dreamweaver Sites
19. Defining a Site
20. File and Folder Management

Section 4: Document Basics
21. Creating a Blank Page
22. Saving a Page
23. Opening a Page
24. Using Dreamweaver Example Pages
25. Previewing in Browser

Section 5: CSS Essentials
26. About CSS
27. Appearance in Page Properties
28. Links and Headings in Page Properties
29. CSS styles Panel: All
30. CSS styles Panel: Current
31. CSS Selectors
32. Creating CSS Rules
33. Working with Tag Margins
34. Editing IDs
35. Rules for Classes
36. Styling with the Property Inspector
37. Moving CSS Rules

Section 6: Working with the Code
38. Editing in Code View
39. View Options in Code View
40. Using Code Collapse
41. The Coding Toolbar
42. Code Views and Comments
43. Move or Convert CSS
44. Code Formatting and Options
45. Previewing with Live View
46. Using Related Files
47. Working with the Code Navigator
48. The Quick Tag Editor
49. Working with Snippets
50. Further into Snippets

Section 7: Working with Text
51. Entering and Adding Text
52. Adding Text from an External Source
53. Managing White Space
54. Margins and Padding
55. Aligning Text
56. Creating Lists

Section 8: Incorporating Images
57. Adding Foreground Images
58. Wrapping Text Around Images
59. Optimizing Images
60. Editing Image Settings
61. Applying a Background Gradient Image
62. Laying Out Background Images
63. Using the Faux Column Technique

Section 9: Fireworks and Photoshop Integration
64. Image Editor Preferences
65. Using Fireworks and Dreamweaver
66. Exploring the Photoshop/Dreamweaver Workflow
67. Working with Smart objects

Section 10: Linking
68. Creating Links
69. Named Anchors
70. Viewing Invisible Elements
71. Link States
72. Styling Links

Section 11: Tables
73. Creating Tables
74. Table Visual Aids
75. Adding Content to Tables
76. Styling Tables with CSS
77. Aligning Table Content
78. Sorting Tables
79. Dreamweaver's Layout Tools

Section 12: Layout
80. Building a CSS-Based Layout
81. Applying the Layout
82. Adding AP Div Tags
83. Inserting a Spry Menu
84. Modifying the Spry Menu
85. Including a Spry Accordion Panel
86. Incorporating Spry Tabbed Panels

Section 13: Forms
87. About Forms
88. Adding Spry Text Fields
89. Spry Validation Text Field Properties
90. Adding Further Spry Text Fields
91. Spry Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
92. Including Spry Lists
93. Spry Password with Validation
94. Spry Confirm Fields with Validation
95. Styling Forms with CSS
96. Cleaning Up Spry States
97. Styling Forms Using Fieldsets

Section 14: Interactive Elements
98. Opening a Browser Window
99. Swapping Images
100. Adding Secondary Levels of Behaviors
101. Adding a Spry Tooltip
102. Applying Spry Effects
103. Using the Extension Manager and Installing Extensions
104. Working with PalettePicker

Section 15: Automation
105. Using Find and Replace
106. Using Find and Replace for Tags
107. Working with the History Panel
108. Creating Commands

Section 16: Inserting Flash objects
109. Inserting Flash SWF Files
110. Insert Flash Video Files

Section 17: Getting Your Site Online
111. Getting Site Reports
112. Checking Links Sitewide
113. Entering Remote Info Part 1
114. Entering Remote Info Part 2
115. Publishing Your Site

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