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The Secret Anthology-bruce Dickinson 2011

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Icon14 The Secret Anthology-bruce Dickinson 2011

Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: UK
Year: 2011
Audio codec: MP3
Riptype: tracks
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Playtime: 6:42:43
Size: 555 MB


CD 1
1.No Way Out…To Be Continued (Unreleased from “Balls To Picasso” 1994)
2.Broken (Unreleased Song 2001)
3.Silver Wings (Unreleased Song 2001)
4.Wicker Man (Unreleased 1997)
5.The Bleeding House (Unreleased from “Balls To Picasso” 1994)
6.Sin City (AC/DC Cover) (Cover song from “All The Young Dudes” Single 1990)
7.Fire Child (Unreleased from “Balls To Picasso” 1994)
8.Winds Of Change (Unreleased from “Balls To Picasso” 1994)
9.Bring Your Daughter…To The Slaughter (Soundtrack of “Nightmare on Elm Street 5?1989)
10.Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Nativity In Black: A Tribute To Black Sabbath 1994)
11.Elected (Alice Cooper cover 1992)
12.Elvis Has Left The Building (Unreleased from “Balls To Picasso” 1994)
13.Tibet (Unreleased from “Balls To Picasso” 1994)
14.Cadillac Gas Mask (Unreleased from “Balls To Picasso” 1994)
15.Spirit Of Joy (Unreleased from “Balls To Picasso” 1994)
16.The Post Alternative Seattle Fall Out (Unreleased from “Balls To Picasso” 1994)
17.Ballad Of Mutt (Unreleased from “Tattooed Millionaire” 1990)
18.Darkness Be My Friend (Unreleased from “Tattooed Millionaire” 1990)
19.Over And Out (Unreleased from “Balls To Picasso” 1994)
20.No Way Out (Continued) (Unreleased from “Balls To Picasso” 1994)
21.Travelling In Style (Unreleased 1993)
22.Black Night (Live) (Deep Purple cover) 1990
23.Wishing Well (live) (Black Sabbath Cover) 1990
24.Fog on the Tyne (live) 1990
25.Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter (Jazz version)
26.(I Want to be) Elected (without Mr. Bean) (Alice Cooper Cover 1992)
27.Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath Cover Live 1996)
28.Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen CoVer 1997)
29.Rainbow in the Dark (Live DIO Cover 2000)
30.Delilah (Live) (Tom Jones Cover) 2002

CD 2
1.Return Of The King (Japanese Bonus Track from “The Chemical Wedding” 199
2.Real World (Brazilian Bonus Track from “The Chemical Wedding” 199
3.Confeos (Unreleased from “The Chemical Wedding” 199
4.Black Widow (Alice Cooper Cover From A Tribute to Alice Cooper “Humanary Stew” 1999)
5.Eternal (Japanese Bonus Track from “Tyranny Of Souls” 2005)
6.Ghost Of Cain (Japanese Bonus Track from “Accident Of Birth” 1997)
7.Hombre Triste (Man of Sorrows Spanish)
8.Midnight Jam (Unreleased 2001)
9.Rescue Day (Unreleased from “Skunkworks” 1996)
10.Re-Entry [Japanese Bonus Track from "Skunkworks" 1996)
11.Americans Are Behind (Unreleased from "Skunkworks" 1996)
12.God's Not Coming Back (Unreleased from "Skunkworks" 1996)
13.R-101 [Japanese Bonus Track from "Skunkworks" 1996)
14.Armchair Hero (Unreleased from "Skunkworks" 1996)
15.I'm In A Band With An Italian Drummer (Unreleased from "Skunkworks" 1996)
16.Dracula (Unreleased Song 1977)
17.The Zoo (Scorpinos Cover 199
18.Tush (Live ZZ Top Cover 199
19.Lone Wolf (Bruce dickinson feat Xero from the Ep called "Oh Baby " 1983)
20.Bad Company Medley (Live in 1997)
21.Man In The Street (demo of Bruce's first band Speed 1979)
22.On The Road (demo of Bruce's first band Speed 1979)
23.Smoke on the water(Live (Deep Purple cover 1990)
24.Perfect Stranger (Live Bruce Dickinson & Dream Theater (Deep Purple cover)
25.The Boys Are Back In Town (Thin Lizzy Live 199
26.Share it or lose it (Live 1995)
27.Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Live)
28.Frued Schoner Gotterfunken (Live)
29.Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath Cover Live)
30.Tattooed Millionaire (Live Acoustic)

CD 3
1.The one you love to hate (Dickinson & Rob Halford in Album "Resurrection" 2000)
2.Beast In The Light (From Tribuzy - Execution 2005)
3.Into the Black Hole (From Ayreon - The Universal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator 2000)
4.Tears of the Dragon (Acoustic)
5.Winds of Change (Mix)
6.Change of Heart (Acoustic)
7.Man of Sorrow (Orchestral Version)
8.Inertia (Live Acoustic)
9.Son of a Gun (Live)
10.Broken (Live)
11.Wishing Well (Live)
12.Hell No (Live)
13.Inertia (Live)
14.Rescue Day (Live)
15.Faith (Live)
16.ReEntry (Live)
17.Innerspace (Live)
18.Dive! Dive! Dive! (Live)
19.Riding With The Angels (Live)
20.Tattooed Millionaire (Live)
21.Shoot All The Clowns (12'' Extended Remix)
22.Taking The Queen (demo)
23.Starchildren (demo)
24.Accident Of Birth (demo)
25.Killing Floor (Radio Edit)
26.Darkside Of The Aquarius (Mix)
27.Cyclops (Radio Edit)
28.Arc Of Space (Demo)
29.Firechild (Live)
30.Tears of the Dragon (Orchestra)


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